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Why (but be careful) You Should Outsource Your Software Development?

With the global outsourcing market totalling $85.6 billion in 2018, it’s no surprise that enterprises are making the most of offshore development firms to efficiently build their projects.  

But small- to medium-sized businesses are starting to catch on to the benefits of outsourcing, too. A 2019 survey of over 500 business owners revealed that 37% of small companies outsource a business process, while 52% plan to outsource within 2019. 

There are plenty of advantages to using an offshore vendor:  

  • Agile teams accelerate development timelines 
  • Cost-effective pricing structures help bring your ideas to market on a budget 
  • Flexible expertise lets you onboard talent as you need it 
  • It is a B2B relationship, therefore, bug and errors fixing when occurred, should be fixed with no extra charges. 
  • Free-up your team to focus on the core business. 

The list goes on and on. In recent years, Latin America has begun to rise as a key player in technical development, with high-quality tech talents that rival those of the West. 

When searching for a dedicated development team or to outsource a project, is important to understand the capability of the company to deliver top-of-the-line custom software and mobile/web applications. Do they staff a core group of engineers trained in the latest technologies and robust solutions are reliable without being costly?  

Ask for their certifications, are they CMMI-DEV and ISO 9001 certified? Those certifications secure the level of quality and maturity the company has regarding process, standards, methods, tools when developing any software or platform. How about the security of information, how protected are they? Nowadays an ISO 27001 certification has become a must!   

When hiring a dedicated development team, you wouldn’t appreciate a high developer turnover, as it could affect direct the quality and results of the work to be done. Therefore, look for a supplier with constant human capital development and staff retention projects. A software house that does not worry about it will slow the progress of your project and your company, and you can even negatively contaminate your company’s team as well! 

On the other hand, if this supplier invests in their team development and learning, every stakeholder in their chain will be benefited and as a consequence, this includes your company. All this because the quality delivered will be world-class in seniority and motivated team, committed to the results. Do they have any awards on that subject? Are they ranked as one of the Great Place to Work on their country? Those questions need to be answered before building a partnership with an offshore. 

To check if a potential software supplier has certifications, is step one, you are understanding if they are trustworthy. How about their client satisfaction rate? Do they have a customer-forward approach? Companies should be proud to show off stellar client feedback on their site or on Clutch

One important point to analyse as well is their repeated business or how long have they been working with a specific client. No business would stick around for years if they weren’t happy and satisfied with the level and quality of work provided by their suppliers.  

If you are looking for a software development offshore partner, DB1 Global Software is a strong option, from being awarded for 10 years in a row as one of the Great Places To Work in Brazil (current nº12 in the IT industry) to being certified with CMMI-DEV 3, ISO 9001 and ISO 27000. 

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